Important Update

18th November 2016

As we approach the middle of our longest term I wanted to give you a few important updates.  Students continue to respond to the new higher expectations that have been set by the Academy and we really appreciate your support with this.  Uniform remains very smart, behaviour is excellent and students are completing more homework than ever before.


Our current attendance shows that we are now above the national average figure.  This is as a result of a real team effort between the school, parents and of course the students themselves.  Even as the days become shorter and the weather takes a turn for the worse students remain upbeat and attendance continues to improve.

Change of trust name

You may have noticed from our website that the School Partnership Trust Logo has been replaced by Delta.

The Board of Directors has taken a decision to rename the Trust to Delta Academies Trust.  This is a simple change of name only, but reflects wholesale and on-going change throughout the organisation.  The name Delta is synonymous with change and the Trust is determined to change educational outcomes and lives for the students and pupils we serve across the North of England.  The relentless focus of the Trust is on what is in the best interests of the children and the communities our academies serve.

Literacy Policy

We are really pleased with the way our students have ‘bought in’ to the Academy wide drive on improving literacy. As you will be aware there is now an expectation that all students carry a reading book with them at all times.  I have been leading assemblies to explain the importance of reading and I encourage you to support us with this at home.

Year 11/Numeracy

We are really proud of the way in which Year 11 are adapting to the demands of their final year and we are really positive about the outcomes that they will achieve in the summer of 2017.  There are a number of students who are now accessing one to one tuition in maths and English which will accelerate their outcomes even further.  I would encourage all parents to support us by ensuring that students use the "MyMaths" and "Mathswatch" programmes to help improve numeracy and mathematical understanding.  Please refer students to Ms Barton if they need any login details.

Key Dates

There will be an INSET day on Friday 25th November 2016.  The Academy will close at 2.30 pm on Thursday 24th November 2016 and will re-open as usual on Monday 28th November 2016 at 8.25 am.

The Academy closes for the Christmas holiday on Friday 16th December 2016 and will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at 8.25 am.

As always I really appreciate your support and please get in touch if you have any questions.

Andy Barnett