Principal's Blog - December 2017

22nd December 2017

As we approach the festive season at the end of a busy school term I wanted to make contact to update you on a few key areas and wish you the very best for the holidays and a happy New Year.

Christmas cracker

Well done to all students and staff involved in the Christmas cracker.  It was a fabulous event and showcased some of the amazing talent we have in the Academy.  A special thanks must go to Mr Ward and Miss Nicoll for their innovation and organisation of this event.  A lot of money was raised and this has been shared amongst some of our key charities.

Food Bank

I would like to thank all parents, students and staff for your generous contributions to the Fusion Food Bank Charity.  Miss Dharni has made a number of journeys to the food bank with her car full with food! This will make a huge difference to a large number of people this Christmas.

Year 11

Our Year 11 students continue to amaze us and are making fantastic progress as they approach their GCSE examinations in the summer.  Provisional results in Maths, English and Science suggest that our results are likely to improve even more. If your son/daughter is in Year 11 then please can you encourage them to keep their brains active over the holidays and remind them that there will be work set in the core subjects and of course on Hegarty maths!

Knowledge Organisers - All year groups

Your son/daughter should now have their knowledge organisers to complete for homework across the curriculum.  If you have any questions about this or if your son/daughter are not bringing the work home then please contact the appropriate year leader.

Attendance & Alton Towers

Attendance remains an area that we are committed to further improve.  It is important that we all continue to make every effort to be in school every day given the link between attendance and achievement.  As parents and carers, you are the most important people in ensuring your child comes to school and establishes a work ethic that will stand them in such excellent stead as adults.

Our plans for attendance rewards which include a summer trip to Alton Towers.  This is for all students with 97% attendance from this point onwards.  We look forward to celebrating this when the sun comes out again!


High standards of dress and uniform have and will continue to be extremely important in our approach to educational standards and expectations. For this, we make no apology and we thank you for your ongoing support in helping maintain those standards.  On our return in January, please ensure that your child is ready to cross the ‘blue line’ in full school uniform with the appropriate skirts, trousers and shoes.  All rules set out in the planner must be adhered to.

School will reopen for students at 8.25 a.m. on Monday 8th January, 2018.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Andy Barnett