Extended Learning Goals

19th September 2016

At Manor Croft Academy we believe that homework plays an important role in increasing the progress made by all students, but it's also a tool to help develop the necessary skills needed to become a successful, independent learner.

A homework strategy group comprised of Manor Croft parents, students and teaching staff developed the new Extended Learning Goals (ELG) programme which will be followed by all students.  This ensures that students can choose from a range of activities which are designed to engage and enthuse as well as developing a deeper understanding of each subject.  Key Stage 4 students studying the GCSE syllabus will also be given regular homework linked to the particular requirements of their course.  This will be tracked over time and will play a key role in informing future intervention.

It is essential that students have a quiet space to complete their work, to this end the library will be available as a study space for all students to use from 2.30pm onwards.  Year 11 students have their own dedicated work area which they can access before and after the school day.