9th December 2016

Numeracy is a proficiency, which is developed mainly in mathematics but also in other subjects.  It is more than an ability to do basic arithmetic.  It involves developing confidence and competence with numbers and measures. It requires understanding of the number system, a repertoire of mathematical techniques, and an inclination and ability to solve quantitative or spatial problems in a range of contexts.  Numeracy also demands understanding of the ways in which data are gathered by counting and measuring, and presented in graphs, diagrams, charts and tables.

To further promote our students' use of numeracy, Mr Ward has developed a series of lunchtime challenges to try and develop their confidence and their ability to problem solve.  These challenges are regularly updated and give our students not only the opportunity to boost their numeracy skills but also to win some fantastic prizes.

At different times throughout the year, a winner will be chosen from the ballot boxes.  We have 5 Amazon Kindle Fire tablets to give away but our students have to enter to have a chance to win!