Ofsted praise for Manor Croft's Leadership

13th October 2017

MANOR Croft Academy has been judged ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding Leadership’ following their recent Ofsted inspection.

Inspectors found that strong leadership has led to better teaching, much improved behaviour and higher achievement for pupils.

Ofsted praised the principal and his leadership team, saying that “decisive actions have led to exceptionally
rapid improvement”.

Principal Andy Barnett said: ‘We are delighted with the outcome of the inspection. It has been a year of
transformational change and this is external recognition of all the hard work that goes on day in day out to
support our students.”

Inspectors commented on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment which is good, particularly in English and mathematics.

They also praised the way pupils and families value and show respect for each other and staff.

Inspectors also noted that behaviour is good and that “no stone is left unturned to ensure that children are

Lead inspector Mr Pridding said of Mr Barnett and his staff: “Outstanding leadership at all levels is at the heart of this school’s recent success.

“The headteacher is very ably supported by an extremely strong team of senior leaders.

“Achievement across the school has improved significantly over the last year as a result of good teaching.

“As a result of improved leadership and teaching, GCSE outcomes in English, mathematics, science and
geography have improved.

“Improved outcomes in examinations has led to pupils being prepared for the next stage of their education
or future employment”.

Mr Barnett added: “This outcome is testament to the skill, drive and determination of the staff to ensure that we raised standards and improve the educational outcomes for all our students.

“Both students and staff should be incredibly proud of what they achieved and it’s this relentless focus that has seen the academy be transformed over the last 12 months.”

The most recent results saw the academy improve from 40 per cent C+/4+ in English and Maths to 68 percent in just one year.

This is likely to be one of the biggest improvements in the whole country.

The academy is seeing growing numbers in all year groups and would welcome prospective students and parents to visit the academy during the school day to see first-hand what it’s like to be part of the school community at Manor Croft Academy.

Delta’s chief executive Paul Tarn said: “The principal, his leadership team and the dedicated staff at the academy have shown exceptional leadership; as a result students get a good education that allows them to be successful in life.

“I congratulate the growing number of parents who chose the school for their child.

“Pupil numbers went up by about 50 students this year and it is likely to be oversubscribed next year – this is the time to get a place at what will be an outstanding school later this year.”