Richard McCann - Inspiring our Year 11

29th November 2013

It was Manor Croft Academy's delight to welcome Richard McCann into school today to give an inspirational speech to our Year 11 students.

The students had spent the day completing their UCAS progress forms. Many of them had reflected throughout the day on what career path to take next. Having successfully completed the sessions they were given the opportunity to listen to a heart rendering story from Richard.  

Richard McCann was the son of the first Yorkshire Ripper victim. He was five when his mother Wilma was murdered by Peter Sutcliffe in Leeds on October 30, 1975.

Richard talks about the challenges that he felt as a young man. He grew up in difficult circumstances that had a major impact on his life. His message is one that is simple. Create an 'I can' attitude to life. He provides a simple message that informs the students that whatever life throws up at them, they can overcome it.

We would like to thank Richard for his time and sharing his unique life challenges, experiences and lessons with our students.