School Christmas Concert

20th December 2013

Thursday night was an amazing event for all those parents and students that took part. The night was filled with student demonstrations from the various Performing Arts clubs that are available at the school. The hour and a half performance included no less than 15 acts ranging throughout our age groups.

The initial presentation was by Miss Graham who introduced work completed by her GCSE and Key Stage 3 students. All the work had been completed under her guidance during art sessions within and after school.

Then it was time for some energy to be pumped into the room. This was provided by 'Rock School' and the 'Samba band'. Many of the acts on the night had only been together for a few months yet their composure under pressure showed the 100 strong audience that their nerves would not get the better of them. Outstanding performances of dance and puppetry continued until the finale where three of the groups came on together to give a beautiful, sing along moment for all who attended.

The night was truly magical and something that will stay in the students and parents memories for many years to come.

A huge thank you goes to all the staff that helped out on the night, especially Ms Simpson who organised the event so effectively. You can never underestimate how much energy it takes to create spectacular shows and for all her efforts we are truly grateful.