School Leadership Interviews

2nd December 2013

On Friday over 80 students stayed behind after school for the Student Leader interviews. This was the second phase of the selection process that has seen over 110 entries.

Year 11 students have been writing application forms for the Prefect roles within school. The staff see these students as vital role models for the rest of the Academy. To justify this level of responsibility a two phased application process was devised to ensure they were put through a rigorous selection process.

A similar recruitment drive has been applied to the other year groups. For Year 10 through to 7 students, competition for places on the Student Leadership Team has been fierce with only 5 places per year group available.

Each applicant will receive an acceptance or rejection letter in due course via their Form Tutor. What ever the outcome is for these students, it has been a delight to witness the positive attitudes these young people are demonstrating. 

A special thanks is also required to the ten, dedicated staff that made themselves available for this event to occur.