Staff Christmas Panto.....

20th December 2013

The last day of term was to remember for the students at Manor Croft Academy.  

The 20th December 2013 will go down in history as the first ever staff panto. The talent put forward for Cinderella was questionable, yet we strode on to embarrass ourselves for the benefit of the children.  

What a performance it was to behold. After weeks of sporadic rehearsals, Miss Lyons tearing her hair out and what turned out to be a pointless prop the staff called a script, the pantomime was delivered.

We hope all the students enjoyed themselves. This was a small thank you from the staff to say how much we appreciate their hard work this term.

A massive thank you goes to all staff who gave up their time to put on the show. With special thanks going to Miss Lyons for pulling it all together.  

From all the staff at Manor Croft Academy we wish our students and families a very Merry Christmas.