Student Leader Training

9th February 2015

Student Leader training

The Student Leaders take an active role in the development of the Academy. Each Student Leader represents their form and acts as a spokesperson to highlight issues the students feel are important to the Senior Leadership Team and the PTA. The meetings are held in the Academy’s library every two weeks and the Students are encouraged to tackle all problems no matter how small or large.  In February it was their turn to experience training in order for them to fulfil their roles more effectively. The following extract is written by two members of the committee.  

On Thursday 5th February, student leaders from year’s seven to nine were chosen to participate in a day off of timetable, to learn the skills needed to become a successful Student Leader at Manor Croft Academy. There were many skills learnt, those were as follows; Communication, confidence, presentation, and team building, to name a few. We participated in games, team tasks, individual tasks, and challenges that helped to instil the skills, the knowledge from which we can use in later tasks and in our future careers.

To learn communication skills we took part in activities, which exercised each specific aspect of communication; to speak, to listen, to observe and to write. We thought about different ways to handle scenarios such as; meeting new people, making a good first impression, putting a new idea or concern forward, and dealing with concerns or positive affirmations.

Overall the day was a success and each of us went home knowing about our role as a student leader, with more confidence about our future tasks.

By Courtney Sharpe and Mae Exley.