Term 2 - Enrichment Day

30th January 2015

Enrichment Day

Each term the students experience an Enrichment Day which addresses issues that they may encounter away from the Academy. This term the focus was on empathy. The students rotated around 5 activities during the day. These included; Disability, Music for change, Exploitation, The Myth of Race and Homophobia.


The disability zone was an action packed area with students taking on roles that encapsulated the spirit of the Envictus Games. Students participated in seated volleyball and blind assault courses. The tasks forced students to attempt activities without one of their five senses, while ‘guide’ roles gave students the experience of having to communicate concisely with a partner while keeping motivation levels high.


Music for change

This zone was dedicated to the power of music and how this can change people attitudes and belief systems. The students worked as a whole year group to create their own song lyrics. This was an activity conducted with professional musicians with the end result producing a Manor Croft Academy song with emotive lyrics by the end of the day.  


The activities taking place in this zone were scenario led and involved students witnessing how easily students are coerced into activities they may not wish to get involved with. The activities delved into the issues of peer pressure, bullying and social media. The content showed examples of how students within schools had the ability to influence individuals and more importantly how students should respond to avoid the situation.

The Myth of Race

In this zone the ‘Myth of Race’ was investigated. The cultures of different countries were identified for their uniqueness while the activities focused on the prejudices that can arise from a lack of information about other cultures. The ‘Myth of Race’ identified how our DNA and linage all focuses back to the cradle of humanity in Africa and how similar we all really are.


The final zone the students participated with was the homophobia zone. This zone is a continuation from the wonderful work our Year 10 Rugby team did when they wore rainbow laces to highlight homophobia in sport. This zone challenged students’ attitude towards the casual use of homophobic language in society.