World Book Day

3rd March 2016

Manor Croft Academy celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March 2016 with a day of book related activities.  Staff discarded their usual work clothes for the day and dressed up as characters from well-known books.  From ‘Lord of the Rings' to ‘Where’s Wally', the staff catered for everyone’s literary tastes.  The day started with every student being given a £1 book token that can be exchanged for a variety of £1 books at any book retailer; or be used to get money off a whole range of other books.  The students got involved too as they attempted to ‘collect' as many different characters throughout the day, with points awarded for each character students managed to identify.  At the start of every lesson staff encouraged a dialogue about reading when they told students about their favourite books in an attempt to encourage them to read it in the future.  To top off the day, students were treated to a six part short story – The Stranger in the Woods – followed by a quiz to see what the students had retained.  It was a great day that both students and staff really got behind, showing a great enthusiasm and passion for reading.  Prizes for the top scores in the character and short story quiz are to be given in assemblies next week.