Year 11 Kirklees Basketball Champions!

20th February 2014

Last night the Year 11 basketball team representing Manor Croft Academy made history. For the first time in the ten years that the Kirklees basketball competition has been running, a North Kirklees school has beaten a team from the South.

Having secured the North Kirklees league the week before, the final was set to be a great showdown. Just getting to the final was a huge task. The students had been participating in a league of ten teams playing weekly, in order to see who came out on top.

The final was a very close affair with Manor Croft Academy running out 22-17 winners.     

A Huge thanks needs to go to the dedication of students and staff to put in such a consistent performance in order to succeed in the final.

Mr Hodkinson and Adam Fisher have dedicated their nights in order to refine the team into a winning formula. Mr Hodkinson has stated that this has been a PE project that started when the boys were in Year 9. Adam is a volunteer who is also an ex-student.  He is now completing his degree at Leeds Met and he is the Manager for Spen Valley Vipers basketball team which gives students a progression route to keep playing when they leave school.

Congratulations to all the students for a fantastic achievement.