Year 8 Saga Writers Achieve Success

4th June 2014

Mr Crosby’s Year 8 students have been proving themselves as top writers in recent English lessons. The students entered a Mini Sagas competition, writing stories based around scenes from the film Jurassic Park. The catch though, was that they could only write a maximum of 100 words, meaning that real skill was required in order to relay the tension and atmosphere of the piece!

As a result of their entries, 18 of the students received a letter back from the competition organisers, informing them that their work is to be published in an anthology of work from the Yorkshire and Humberside region. A fantastic achievement, and all for less than 100 words! Well done 8A3!


Dinosaurs by Niko Takos

Once upon a time museums owned dinosaurs and two boys specifically loved dinosaurs.

Late last night as the museum was about to close, two boys burst through the doors and ran to their favourite exhibit; frozen Velociraptor! But just as they were about to leave, the museum’s central locking activated to lock the doors, leaving them stranded.

After an hour the boys became cold and turned on a heater. The heat blew on to the Velociraptors causing them to heat up, melt and come back to life.

The two boys were trapped in the exhibit; two puddles of blood.


T-Rex by Thomas Mchugh

Suddenly the car swerved into a tree next to the T-Rex enclosure. The wire trembled as the gargantuan T-Rex ripped it away, then stood before me. The T-Rex roared. We scrambled to the guns and fired. No effect.

It stomped on everything in its path, then we scrambled in to the tree. The car erupted into flames giving the T-Rex a fright. It ran like a little girl.

The T-Rex made the ground tremble. The triceratops came to our aid, but it was not powerful enough for the might of the T-Rex.