Welcome to Manor Croft Academy

Our Academy is an exciting place to learn and we are committed to delivering a high quality education for all our students.  At Manor Croft Academy we believe that our core purpose is to prepare young people to enter a fast moving and rapidly changing environment.  To prepare them for such a challenge we work to develop their skills, knowledge and resilience which in turn will enable them to achieve the highest possible qualifications. 

Manor Croft Academy also works with the students to ensure that they learn in a happy and caring environment.  Whilst there is a strong emphasis on academic achievement all students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of extra curricular activities outside the classroom.  It is essential for our success to maintain high standards at all times and this is only possible with collaboration between staff, parents and students.  Our challenge is to provide the global education that gives our students the tools necessary to compete in the world market and by working together we can do this. 

Dave Hewitt, Principal

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4th December 2018

The parents/carers of Year 7 students were invited to a meeting today where they were given information regarding the new initiative being i …

Google Day 1

Digital Citizenship Day

3rd December 2018

Friday was a great day for Year 10 students at Manor Croft, Google have produced some real thought provoking materials to support young peop …

Careers Day

Careers Day

23rd November 2018

The first careers day of the year took place at Manor Croft this week.  There were over 25 external providers in the academy talking to …

Future Chef Competition

Future Chef Competition

22nd November 2018

When we arrived at Leeds College yesterday evening for the local final of the Future Chef competition, Hifsa said those words no food teache …