About the Academy

We would like to share with you our vision of the innovative and exciting opportunities awaiting the young people who attend our Academy. Manor Croft Academy opened on the 1st September 2013. We want all of our students to achieve their potential and we make sure that there are no limitations or barriers to reaching the highest possible standards of academic, social and personal development.

We have a hugely talented and committed staff team, with a range of well qualified and dedicated professionals to make sure that our curriculum, guidance, care and support meets the different needs of every young person, and we pride ourselves on having high expectations which ensures that our students are well organised, caring and supportive of each other and also personally ambitious.

The Academy has a firm foundation of strong pastoral care and we ensure a climate for learning which is calm, well ordered, secure and focused on achievement and success.

Manor Croft Academy enjoys the many benefits of being a member of the Delta Academies Trust; a group, or 'family' of schools of different age ranges and contexts, this enables good practice, expertise and resources to be shared between our group of schools and ultimately enables us to offer greater collaboration between each other and a wider range of learning opportunities and extra-curricular opportunities for our students.

We pride ourselves on developing very close, open and positive relationships with parents and carers and expect them to be fully involved in supporting the learning of their son or daughter.

Above all, we are committed to working together as a team. We believe that by working together we can ensure opportunity and success for everyone. Every young person has unlimited potential, and together we can make sure that this potential is fulfilled.

Dave Hewitt, Principal.