Academy Context

Delta Academies Trust has the mission statement “Changing Lives”, with the overarching aim being to improve educational outcomes for children in the north of England whilst creating a sustainable organisation that improves our society and the wider environment.

Manor Croft Academy serves the local communities of Chickenley and Earlsheaton, with the majority of pupils living within walking distance and coming from 4 primary schools.  The Key Stage 2 APS for 4 out 5 year groups is significantly below national average on entry but primary performance is improving.

The academy’s popularity is growing as a result of recent improvements and now has over 830 pupils on roll.  The majority of pupils live in areas containing significant pockets of deprivation characterised by high unemployment, an inadequate employment base, low average income levels, poor physical and mental health and a degraded urban environment. 

Index of Multiple Deprivation   Bottom 10%   20% (12% - national average)
Index of Multiple DeprivationBottom 30%       65% (35%)
Education & Skills Bottom 10% 33% (12%)
Education & Skills Bottom 30% 75% (34%)

The proportion of disadvantaged pupils is significantly above the national average (38% v 28%) as is the number currently in receipt of Free School Meals (32% v 12%). Pupils within the academy are mainly White British, with higher than average EAL students at 10%. The number of pupils with an EHCP is 1.2%, and a small number of pupils requiring behavioural and emotional support attend The Elland Academy, which is a registered Alternative Provision within Delta Academies Trust.  We have historically had a high number of in-year transfers.  Last year over a 100 pupils joined Manor Croft part way through the academic year, many of these were EAL students.

We serve our local community and work closely with partners to plan a set of learning experiences that meet the needs of every pupil. In addition, we use local, national and international labour market intelligence to plan courses to best prepare our young people for life beyond school. We have the highest standards and expectations for all pupils and we strive to provide a curriculum that respects the needs of all pupils as well as one that encourages young people to seek continuous development and improvement.