BBC School Report 2018

Welcome from the MCA News Team 2018

Welcome to Manor Croft Academy, we are an 11 - 16 year old School situated in Dewsbury West Yorkshire.

We enjoy a wide curriculum and have a full extra curriculum timetable.

This year our academy news team is made up of year 7 & 8 students who have shown an interest in media or journalism as a career option.

Our motto is “changing lives” and we believe that this opportunity to be part of the BBC School report is a fantastic way to work together, enhance our media skills as well as have a fun day.  One day we might even appear on the real BBC news or behind the scenes. 

Rolling News

8:30  The day has stated and everyone has been given a role. They are now planning.

9:00  All the teams have been sorted and we have now started preparing  our reports.

9:30  Everybody is now off filrming and we have now started preparing our reports.

10:00  The first report has officially been filmed and everyone is on task.

10:30  Everyone is finishing their first set of reports. Reports are now being uploaded.

11:00  Break is over and everyone is now back to work editing reports and writing scripts.

11:30  Working hard to get scripts done before lunch!

12:00  Everyone is now going to lunch after a long morning of hard work.

12:30  Everybody is now working again after a few technical problems.

13:00  We have nearly finished filming and we are now editing our videos.