Curriculum Offer

We have a well-constructed curriculum, tailored to meet the needs of our learners and address social disadvantage on many levels.  Our curriculum offer is adapted to meet individual needs where appropriate and therefore offers a range of pathways, which we believe broaden rather than narrow the offer at different points during the five-year journey.  This is essential to overcome social disadvantage and remove the barriers our pupils face.  As a result of this tailored curriculum, the number of pupils who are NEET has reduced below the national average of 2.8% to 1.7% (two pupils), and the number of pupils progressing to Further Education College and sixth form has increased to 96% in 2018, a record high.  We continue to develop our offer, with resistant materials, food technology, textiles, art, graphics, ICT, citizenship/RE/RSE, dance, drama and music taught in Key Stage Three alongside our core, PE and Ebacc subjects.  In Key Stage Four we offer an extensive range of technical, vocational and academic subjects that allows every student to pursue their individual area of interest or career pathway.  We are very keen to expand this provision and have added performing arts to the option list this year.  We also offer art, textiles, graphic design, photography, creative media, hospitality and catering, sports science, sports studies and statistics.  The key stage 4 option process takes place over a number of weeks and includes detailed presentations from each subject area as well as a comprehensive parental consultation.  This ensures that students make the right choice, reflecting their individual strengths and areas of interest.  All the subjects are equally well represented, underlining the academies objectivity towards the option process.  Alongside these accredited subjects we also deliver a number of optional curriculum opportunities which reflect the needs of the local community.  These include; LIBF Award in Financial Education and a personalised learning pathway for our most able pupils.  This gives students broader exposure to the skills and qualities required to excel at university.

Manor Croft Academy has been on a journey of improvement and development over the last 4 years.  In 2016 only 40% of students left the academy having achieved the requisite C grade in maths and English GCSEs.  This negatively effected the life chances of our learners and their ability to play an active role in the labour market.  It was therefore right that at this time we focused primarily on literacy and numeracy across all year groups.  Alongside this we redeveloped our methods of teaching and have relentlessly raised our expectations of student behaviour and attitudes to learning.  This now means that we have the systems in place to ensure all pupils at Manor Croft leave with the qualities, skills, knowledge and crucially the qualifications needed to successfully move on to the next stage in their learning.  The next phase of the academy’s development has been to broaden student’s exposure to different forms of learning in the classroom as well as to a more extensive range of experiences both within school as well as offsite.  We have broadened the curriculum both at key stage 3 and key stage 4 and are now in a position where we can develop this further.  We are really excited about the changes that we have already begun to implement, including our plan to extend to a three year Key Stage 3 in September 2020.  This will allow our students to gain a greater depth of knowledge, across a broader range of subjects, for a longer period of time before they start to specialise in year 10.