Eating and Drinking

Healthy Schools

The Academy works with Chartwells to provide a range of school meals that meet the Government's School Meals - Healthy Eating Standards, as well as the Government's nutritional standards.

All food and drink must be consumed in the dining hall.

Water may be permitted in traditional teaching rooms (not in the library, computer rooms or science labs).  A water bottle is provided for all students.

Chewing gum, energy or fizzy drinks are not permitted anywhere on the Academy grounds.

Payments - How do I pay for the food my child has in school?

  • Manor Croft use an online payment facility called Parent Pay.
  • Each child is allocated a Parent Pay account when they join the school.
  • Parents will be provided instructions of how to activate the account for their child.
  • Once the account is activated then payments for school meals and other costs in school are to be paid via this system. Payments can be made through Parent Pay by a credit or debit card.
  • Manor Croft use a biometric payment facility.
  • On the first day, students will have their thumb print scanned which will link direct to their Parent Pay account.
  • Each time a student purchases food in school they will be required to scan their thumb and the appropriate payment will then be deducted from their account.
  • It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that there is money credited to their child’s Parent Pay account at all times to cover the cost of school meals being taken.