Meet the team:

Head of English: Miss E Groves

Deputy Subject Lead: Miss S Mckenzie

Teacher of English: Miss S Dharni (Assistant Principal)

Teacher of English: Miss H Pritchard

Teacher of English and Drama: Mr C Walker-Patel

Teacher of English: Mr J Peterson 

HTLA: Mrs H Hyde

Librarian: Miss J Chapman 

As a department, we aim to develop confident and skilled readers and writers. Our curriculum is challenging, engaging and diverse to suit the needs of our demographic in Dewsbury. All students will become experts in analysing literary texts to a high level and will be able to make accurate, concise and perceptive comments about writers and what their intentions were when the texts were written. We want our pupils to leave with knowledge and skills which will not only create excellent life opportunities but will also prepare them exceptionally well for life beyond the academy. At Manor Croft Academy, our core values of care, aspire, succeed are at the heart of everything we do. We set high expectations to ensure that every pupil excels across all aspects of academy life. Overall, we ensure pupils make outstanding progress and that the curriculum removes any potential barriers to learning, especially for our disadvantaged and SEND students.

Our English curriculum helps pupils to achieve high standards and make excellent progress. At KS3, the curriculum is broad, and pupils learn essential knowledge built around a ‘learning journey’ and ‘big questions’ to ensure they have a deep understanding across a range of subjects. There are many opportunities built into lessons to secure the need to recall and retrieve previous learning so that knowledge is fully embedded. This recall will be seamlessly linked throughout both key stages.

The development of pupil language and oracy is at the forefront of our curriculum as we understand how vital it is for our pupils to build confidence in communication skills not only for their time in school but also to prepare them for working life. We ensure pupils have opportunities in all subjects to discuss, challenge and build on other points of view and to develop their formality of language to ensure they can have the confidence to speak to different audiences. The English Department at Manor Croft are fully committed in providing engaging lessons from KS3. Students will begin their journey studying Private Peaceful in Year 7 and will eventually go onto tackling the gothic horror story, Jekyll and Hyde. Every student will have the pleasure of being immersed in a plethora of topics which include racism, gender stereotypes, power and corruption, class, LGBT+ matters and much, much more. We are extremely proud of the numerous opportunities we give to students for them to express their thoughts and opinions, not only through their writing but also orally.

We make extensive use of the Library for bespoke reading intervention groups and Accelerated Reader. Pupils read a wide selection of challenging and award-

winning texts which bridge the gap between classics and cutting-edge contemporary.

Work is taught in such a way that several aims are covered at a time. For example, the close reading and study of Pygmalion or Much Ado About Nothing can encourage creativity through the production of writing in a variety of forms. Presentation and oral communication skills are developed through discussion or dramatic role play and, as an integral part, specific technical skills such as spelling, and grammar are learnt. Specific attention is paid to the development of personal reading through Accelerated Reader and Read Write Inc. We also organise theatre trips and have visited the Warner Bros. Studio Tour to experience the world of Harry Potter.

Outside of the classroom, pupils can attend creative writing club, poetry club or sports journalism club. Throughout the year, students have ample opportunities to get involved in helping their community and raising money for chosen charities. Initiatives such as helping the Fusion Food Bank and creating food parcels have allowed our students to grow into mature, young and caring adults.