BTEC Dance & Drama Drop Down Day

On Thursday 13th January 2022 the BTEC Performing Arts group had their second Drop Down Day to support and enrich their studies. We had a jam-packed day supporting their Component 1 and 2 studies where students are studying the Jazz Genre and Musicals.

The drama students undertook workshops in gang culture, and they devised their own scripts then implemented this within the professional work, West Side Story and more specifically ‘The Rumble’ scene.

The dance students started off with a 90-minute jazz technique class developing their physical skills and exploring centre and corner work combinations including lots of co-ordination exercises, kicks, turns and leaps to support the dancer’s technical ability. After a much-needed water break, the students learnt repertoire from ‘The Prologue’ scene in West Side Story then they were divided into the Jets and the Sharks where students created their own movement material representing these two rival gangs.

Following this, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to take the students to watch the new remake of West Side Story at the cinemas. It was great to have time to watch the full film start to finish whilst munching on popcorn and sipping on Fanta Ice Blasts.

Quote from Year 10 student: “The class really look forward to our Drop-Down Days. It was such a fun day full of lots of different activities.”

What a fantastic day! Keep up the great work guys.