Leaving school and taking the next steps is an exciting journey for students but we also realise that it can be daunting. Here at Delta Manor Croft, it’s in our mission to ensure that our students are confident, articulate and aspirational when they leave us. Careers Day is immaculately pieced together by our staff to ensure that our students gain the most from the day. Our Year 10 cohort transform into young adults and they arrive at the academy dressed to impress! Our students are more than aware that they need to look the part before they wow an interviewer with their experience and knowledge.

Manor Croft Academy are extremely proud to work with companies such as Boots, HSBC, Genco, Starbucks, University of Bradford, University of Huddersfield and even go as far as Denmark and Italy! Students had the chance to meet our delegates virtually and they gained a real insight into their careers which ranged from academia, small businesses and world wide businesses. After this, our students were formally interviewed by these companies and were really put through their paces. At Manor Croft, we believe that students need to be able to showcase their talents in an interview situation and also be able to readily accept the feedback given to them in order to improve and succeed. Our students were fantastic and a number of companies expressed their sheer delight and amazement at how confident, determined and self aware our students were during their interviews.

As well as formal interviews, our students were put to the test with activities such as Dragons Den. Students had to produce an item for a pet and then pitch their idea to our delegates in front of their peers! As always our students rose to this challenge and showcased their communication, business minded nature and creative skills extremely well.

The afternoon ended with a wide range of activities which enabled all students to develop their team work, communication skills, critical thinking skills and self confidence. The real beauty of our careers day is that it allows students to recreate themselves and have a real taste of what the real world looks and feels like.