Manchester Etihad Stadium Visit

On Friday 19th November, Year 9 students were given the opportunity to experience Geography outside of the classroom with a visit to the Manchester Etihad stadium. This area around Manchester has undergone massive urban regeneration to make it the place that it is well known for today. East Manchester was once home to traditional manufacturing industries on which the wealth of Manchester was founded; however economic recessions and globalisation left the area with low value and a poor physical environment. Following the 2002 commonwealth games, upon which the stadium was initially built for, the area has been transformed with new employment and a cleaner urban environment. Whilst learning about this on the tour, students also enjoyed the clubs all access tour where they were able to walk in the footsteps of their favourite players and explore brand new areas of the stadium, including new state of the art player facilities and the tunnel club which is described as “one of the most immersive hospitality experiences in the world of football”. All in all, students had a great day out learning outside the classroom.