MCA’s Got Talent

On the 16th December 2021, 90 Manor Croft Academy students took part in the Christmas show ‘Manor Crofts Got Talent Variety Show’. The show was a sell-out! It consisted of various performances including singers and musicians, dancing and acting along with one or two curveballs. Some students were involved in the production side of the show forming our backstage crew. They were tasked in helping Mr Gibson and Mr Hodkinson with the lighting, sound, and everything else involved to help the show run smoothly. Students were taught choreography by Miss Miller and Miss Ali, but they also had the opportunity to audition their own talents to showcase their creative and performance skills.

For most students this would be their first experience performing on a stage and going through a rehearsal process. But as ever, each individual exceeded expectations and showed immense enthusiasm along the journey. Extra-curricular rehearsals were available all five days of the week and the dedication students demonstrated was truly heart-warming to see. Throughout these rehearsals, it was important for students to take initiative and learn choreography/lines/music as well as developing their performance skills. External companies like ‘Music of Kirklees’ were also brought in to work alongside and mentor students.

One of the performances that received a lot of incredible feedback was the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ piece, exploring story telling through dance. The use of costume, lighting, props and expression really brought this vision to life and is now being further developed to be entered into ‘The Great British Dance Off’ competition. This will take place in March 2022 and will involve students from Year 7 all the way up to Year 10.

A short 10 minute exert from one of Manor Croft’s exciting new projects, (The MCA Shakespeare Company), was performed as a taster for their upcoming show at Leeds Playhouse as part of the ‘Shakespeare School Festival’ on Monday 31st of January 2022. Directed by Mr Walker, it was refreshing to see Dewsbury students immersed in the arts of such a complex theatre study and watching them step out of their comfort zones. If you would like to support our students at the Leeds Playhouse, tickets for ‘The Tempest’ are now available to purchase via the link or contact number below:

Phone: 0113 213 7700