Medical Mavericks

Students from Years 8 -11 experienced a hands on session with Medical Mavericks in October, here is what Sobiya in Year 10 had to say about her experience: “When Medical Mavericks came into MCA it opened my eyes with realisation that medicine is much more than what I originally thought. I got to experience lots of brand new things such as using a real ultrasound machine and taking blood from a fake arm! It gave me a euphoric feeling, as I knew that I was fortunate enough for them to explain to us properly and fully in detail on how to use the different apparatus. With the ultrasound machine I got to find out if I would grow more if I applied it to my wrist, which was quite interesting to find out. The experience gave me a broader understanding on many things that I presumed were straightforward. For example when taking blood from a patient you have to put the needles in at a 45o angle, and it must be rather specific otherwise the blood wouldn’t come out and it made me apprehend how professional the nurses must be to do this every single day to many patients. Overall, by Medical Mavericks coming in it has been beneficial for me and I took back a substantial amount of knowledge from this, furthermore I recommend this to others who are hesitant to explore the medical field as this may assure you and direct you to your future. Sobiya”