Ofsted Inspection

We have this week had the long-anticipated visit from Ofsted and although we are not permitted to publish the grading decision at this stage, we can say that we are very pleased with the outcome!

I would like to take this opportunity to firstly highlight how well all the students represented the academy over the two days.  The inspectors repeatedly said what a friendly, welcoming group of students attend Manor Croft.  All pupils spoke so positively about the school and were keen to talk about the learning that takes place every day and the fantastic experiences they have had the opportunity to take part in during their time with us.

I would also like to thank you and our local community for your continued support.  The feedback from parents/carers was extremely positive and again highlights the crucial role you all play in the success of our students.

Finally, I would like to mention the incredible job the teaching and support staff do at our school on a daily basis.  They are a genuinely amazing group of people who continue to go above and beyond to ensure that young people in this community receive the best possible education and are well placed to succeed in the next stage of their learning journey.

We can’t wait to share the report with you when it is published, as we believe it will detail why Manor Croft has enjoyed so much success over the last few years and is well placed to continue to do so in the future.