Performing Arts Residential Trip to London

In May, 40 students from Year 7-10 and 4 members of staff had 3 busy but fulfilling days.

Day 1 consisted of the journey down to London where several students lost their voices due to the number of singalongs taking place on the coach, it was a quick turnaround unpacking and refreshing for the evening’s activities. During our 2-course meal, Mr Levers had a change in occupation to being Number 1 Mr. Whippy ice cream server. That evening we went to the Cambridge Theatre to watch the amazing ‘Matilda’. This inspired so many of our students!

On Day 2 we were up bright and early for breakfast, ready for another busy day ahead. The first workshop was at Pineapple Dance Studios in Convent Garden where students and staff participated in an amazing yet challenging Commercial/Jazz workshop. After a much-needed rest, students had free time around Convent Garden where they explored the square, had lunch, and watched all the Street Performers. We proceeded to more tourist attractions such as the Westminster area, Buckingham Palace and Green Park. We made our way over to Leicester Square as we were having our Evening Meal at Pizza Hut, to be pleasantly surprised to witness the movie premiere of ‘Top Gun.’ We ended Day 2 watching the multi-award winning ‘Life of Pi’, we were amazed by the puppetry and production features of this show.

Day 3 students were up even earlier to pack, have breakfast and participate in their West End Acting Masterclass based on Matilda. This was followed with a Q&A with the swinger of Matilda, Dawn Williams, where she spoke about her career so far. It was such an aspirational talk for our students who are wanting to pursue a career in Performing Arts. A memorable moment on the journey home was when Mr Walker-Patel opened his lungs for the halfway coach entertainment.

Thank you to the fantastic staff members who gave up their time to come on the London trip. The students were a joy to be around and represented the school so well.

Cadee H said “WOW! This was definitely the best school trip I have ever been on. It was such a big laugh with everyone and an experience to remember forever. Thank you, MCA for giving us unforgettable opportunities like this.”

The aim of this trip was to ensure all students would make memories that will last a lifetime and to see the professionalism of Performing Arts in our capital city. We hope this gave students an insight of potential pathways to pursue for the future. For both the students and the staff who attended, it was such a memorable experience!