We were lucky enough to have a Prevent assembly that also had a performance to demonstrate what Prevent is and how it is important to know the signs to look out for.  

The performance followed by a discussion enabled students to get a greater understanding of what prevent is and how it could be displayed at their age group. All year 8’s, 9’s and 10’s were involved with these sessions. 

Prevent is part of the UK counter-terrorism strategy named CONTEST. The aim of which is to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Prevent addresses all forms of terrorism but continues to prioritise according to the threat they pose to our national security.  At present, the majority of Prevent resources and efforts will continue to be devoted to stopping people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. There is a commitment to protecting freedom of speech in this country. But preventing terrorism will mean challenging extremist (and non-violent) ideas that are also part of a terrorist ideology. 

Prevent is a government led programme which aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism. There is a multi-agency approach, with police working alongside statutory partners and communities to support those at risk from all forms of extremism. 

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