Ramadhan at Manor Croft 2023

One of our main ethos is creating a diverse and inclusive space for our students to practice their faiths. This month we celebrated the month of Ramadhan and to support the Muslim community we asked staff to fast for one day to enable them to experience fasting with students and staff. We had over 30 members of staff who volunteered to take part.  Staff put together a meal for those fasting so they could break their fasts with food. We asked students to donate money or sponsor staff who were fasting, and we would donate all the money raised to One Nation. The community really came together, and the purpose of Ramadhan echoed thought the corridors of Manor Croft. This enabled staff and students to discuss Ramadhan and feel the essence of this month. We raised £1482.75 and the excitement did not stop there. Staff put together a mini-Eid fair in the Bridge and raised an additional £677.66 which took our grand total to £2160.41.

This would not have been possible without the students, staff and the community we work with daily.

We ended this month with an Eid assembly for students to create awareness of why Muslims celebrate Eid and where your generous donations have gone.  

Thank you to our Manor Croft Academy community, this would not have been possible without you all.