The Deep Trip

The Deep was our first memorable experiences for year 8.
The students set out on a cross curricular marathon to learn
about SeaLife and what is happening in the oceans today.

Technology, Science and English joined together for this
fantastic day out. Students attended a workshop that
educated them on the environment and plastics in the
Sea, how they are causing devastation and what we
need to do to help stop this. Information on the threats to
habitat, climate change, ocean acidification, food chains
and animal biology. Some students even had a workshop
on sharks and the importance of preserving the planet
by reducing the use of plastics. The sessions were
interactive and hands on with students looking at micro
plastics and how easily they move into the food chain.

There were photo challenges, sea and animal fact quizzes
to take part in. During our visit, the students also saw many
animals such as a colony of Gentoo Penguins, who have
taken up residence in the Kingdom of Ice and saw nose
sharks who are on the endangered list and many more.

All pupils and staff enjoyed their experience, the
knowledge learnt will be used across year 8 lessons
throughout the year.