Meet the staff:

Head of Department: Miss A Nicoll

Deputy Subject Leader and Associate Lead Teacher of Maths; Head of Statistics; Head of Further Maths: Miss K Darwin

Step Up Programme Lead: Miss R Chopdat

Teacher of Maths: Mr M Murray 

Teacher of Maths and Computer Science: Mr T Pearce

Teacher of Maths: Mr M Hankinson

Teacher of Maths, Teacher of Statistics, Teacher of Further Maths, 121 Tutor: Mrs J Dolman 

Teacher of Maths and Statistics: Mr Z Bulbulia

Teacher of Maths: Mrs F Sufi

Teacher of Maths, 121 Tutor: Mr R Humphreys

121 Tutor: Mrs E Gregory

121 Tutor: Miss G Sykes 

Our Intent

Behaving like Mathematicians

Our aim is to create mathematicians, not just someone ‘good at maths’. Our students will be able to not only complete mathematical processes, but discuss mathematical ideas fluently, generalise, prove and disprove, critically analyse and solve complex mathematical problems. This is irrespective of whether pupils are disadvantaged or have SEND needs.  

A new focus for us in our maths department in the maths department this year has been encouraging our students to behave like mathematicians.

Ambitious at every level of the curriculum

We are ambitious at every level of the curriculum – this begins with Numicon and Step-Up programme in Year 7 to build KS2 foundations – and ends with additional Further Maths GCSE being taught in Y11.

The scheme of work has been designed to encourage links between topics, and to allow students to create a comprehensive and connected map of mathematics for themselves.

We ensure that all maths is taught in a fully focussed environment where learning is stimulating, and methods of teaching are targeted to secure understanding and support life changing outcomes for the community we serve. 

Teachers are encouraged to teaching in small steps, in greater depth before building upon them, and then interleave old ideas that will help with new ones. This allows students to building understanding of mathematical concepts and their links, rather than distinct methods for different problems.

Our mission is for students to become a mathematician with knowledge in:

  • KS1& KS2 Mathematics
  • KS3 Mathematics
  • GCSE Maths​
  • GCSE Statistics
  • GCSE Further Maths
  • Entry Level Certificate 


Learning cycle and master curriculum

We deliver our curriculum through the learning cycle – this includes knowledge recall, fluency, describing new content, new learning, connecting, demonstrating and mastering.

At Manor Croft we prioritise chunking new learning so that only 30 minutes of new content a day is taught. We are passionate about reducing cognitive overload for our mathematicians.

Covid Support

Bespoke lessons and reactive teaching

As a result of the pandemic we have carefully adapted our SOW to mitigate the impact to pupils and provide additional catch up!

We have prioritised the teaching of proportion, which feed into percentages and ratio and are key themes in KS3 schemes of work.

Furthermore, we introduced TTRS to mitigate the practise time on timetables lost to our students transitioning between KS2 and KS3.

Here is a fun photo of our band – Triangular Prime – encouraging the pupils to increase their speed score!
1-2-1 Lessons Online

Our KS4 students have been allocated 121 tutors online if they are SEND, disadvantaged, or more than 2 expected grades behind target . We are lucky to have a team of talented tutors who are qualified mathematicians and teach our students the topics required based on careful gap analysis.

Our tutors use the online programme Learning By Questions which allows continual support as students
work through mathematical problems with their tutors.

We are currently in the process of creating new 1-2-1 groups for September 2022! If you have a pupil in KS4 and wish for an online learning tutor session, please speak to Miss Nicoll and we will be happy to look for online support. ([email protected])  


Above and beyond national expectations


  • 2017: Maths’s progress +0.21 for non-disadvantaged, + 0.09 disadvantaged​
  • 2017: 3% of pupils achieved Grade 9 – one of these pupils is now doing a maths degree​
  • 2017: Further Maths GCSE taken for the first time – 100% pupils achieved Grades A/A*​


  • 2018: Maths’s progress +0.87 for non-disadvantaged, +1.44 disadvantaged ​
  • 2018: School progress +0.77, maths highest for progress in school​
  • 2018: 10% of all pupils achieved Grade 9 – 3 pupils went onto receive A* maths A Level​
  • 2018: Best school for maths progress in Kirklees​
  • 2018: Further Maths GCSE taken for second time – 100% of pupils achieved Grades A/A*​


  • 2019: 11% of all pupils achieved Grade 9​
  • 2019: Maths’s progress + 1.04 for non-disadvantaged, +0.75 disadvantaged ​
  • 2019: School progress +0.68, maths highest for progress in school ​

Home Learning

“Because the best way to improve maths, is to do maths!”
  • At Manor Croft we know the best way to embed knowledge is to practise further retrieval.
  • We prioritise times table recall in KS3 and all pupils have access to TTRS .
  • In KS3 our platform of choice is SPARX, we encourage pupils to complete all tasks set and to go above and beyond and improve their XP Boost.
  • In KS4 our platform of choice is Hegarty, we encourage all pupils to complete 2 tasks a week and set a further 2 tasks that are option.
  • Being part of a trust means all pupils have access to the Delta Knowledge Organiser that supports them in assessments.
  • We also have gone above and beyond to supply our own knowledge organiser content to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.
  • We celebrate homework with students in our half termly Boost Weeks!

We celebrate success with our students with all sorts of rewards! So far prizes this year include Pic ‘n’ Mix, ice cream factory, Dominos Pizza, KFC lunch, Amazon vouchers and much more!


UKMT Maths Challenge 2022
Both KS3 and KS4 pupils participated in the UKMT Maths Challenges and showed real resilience in a challenging opportunity to demonstrate mathematical skills.

Our KS3 pupils from groups 8P1, 8P2, 8Q1, 8Q2, 7P1, 7P2, 7Q1 and 7Q2 took part in the 25th anniversary of the Junior Maths Challenge – it was an honour to take part in this landmark!

All pupils made a fantastic effort, but we would like to make a special mention to our Top 3:
Aamina B, Saarah P and Ben W. 

Our KS4 pupils from groups 10P1, 10P2 and 9P1 took part in the Intermediate Maths Challenge. Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are all nationally recognised qualifications. In total the school achieved 16 Bronze, 3 Silver and 1 Gold Award.  All pupils did exceptionally well, but we would like to congratulate some of our top performers.

Gold Award – Y10 and Best in SchoolJames A
Silver Award – Y10Jimmy C
Silver Award – Y10Olivia T
Silver Award – Y10Tom H
Bronze Award – Y9 – Best in Y9Evan H

We have recently taken part in the Junior Maths Challenge 2022!
The Junior Mathematical Challenge is a 60-minute, multiple-choice Challenge. It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. The problems on the Junior Mathematical Challenge are designed to make students think.
Some of our students even made it to the Pink Kangaroo!
Here are our top performers, but we are so proud of all participants in 7P1, 7Q1, 8P1 and 8Q1.

Think Maths

This term we were lucky enough to have the BRILLIANT Think Maths deliver some sessions to students in Years 7-10. These sessions were a great way to take all the maths we learn in lessons and push it one step further, learning how things look in the real world and how weird and wonderful maths can be!

In the morning Year 7 & 8 were treated to a session on “Adventures with Shape” by Zoe Griffiths. They spent the morning considering weird and wonderful problems, where the angles in a triangle add up to MORE than 180 degrees and how it is possible to create a loop of paper with only ONE side. Oh and we couldn’t forget dancing the brilliant Maths Macarena!

The afternoon session with Year 9 & 10, “Freaky Probability”, was delivered by none other than maths author and comedian Matt Parker! He taught us all about the chances of winning the lottery, and how many people had to be in the room before it was likely that someone has the same birthday as you… it certainly made us all think twice about gambling.

World Maths Day – 23rd March 2022

To celebrate World Maths Day, the maths department offered a seemingly simple problem to students… you can win a £20 Amazon Voucher for just writing down one number. Unsurprisingly, the queue for the ballot box was huge on the line and at break time!

However, there was a catch! You had to pick the LOWEST, UNIQUE INTEGER in the school… and this is harder than it seems.

What would you have picked?

Lots of students picked the number 1… the lowest, but sadly not unique (but absolutely worth a try!) Numbers 4, 54, 11, 23 and 7 were also popular. All the way through counting, 5 looked like it was going to be the winning entry, but sadly 2 people picked it within the last 10 slips!

This meant that Luka in Year 7 won, with an entry of 15 – well done Luka!

On the run up to our GCSE exams this year we had the absolute delight of taking some our hardest working Year 11s to Dallow Gill. Where not only did we ensure that pupils had a restful and calm space to learn maths but also to Teach our children important life skills, and provide them with life enhancing experiences they hadn’t received during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Please click this link to find more about our amazing Delta provision!
About the centre – Dallowgill (

Upcoming Dallowgill Experiences… Stay Tuned….
Y10 Homework rewards Trip….Autumn 2022….
Y9 Statistics Trip….Spring 2023