Barclays Corporate Banking CEO Peter Harvey visits Manor Croft

There are not too many people more senior in British Banking circles than former Barclays Bank CEO Peter Harvey.  He gave up his time this afternoon to speak to our Year 11 students as part of the speakers 4 schools program.  He described his difficult childhood and how his life could have gone in a very different direction, until an opportunity came along which he grabbed with both hands.  He discussed what it takes to be successful and the challenges you might face along the way.  He shared his years of experience with our students focusing on what they should be thinking about before their college interviews, which are taking place over the next few weeks.  Following a very interesting Q&A he then gave up more of his time to mentor a small group of students.  All our Year 11's gained a great deal from the experience and were talking about it all afternoon.  A big thank you to Peter who we hope to see again next year.