Careers Week 2019

It has been an exciting week at Manor Croft focused on careers.  A wide range of organisations have come in to deliver sessions to our students.  From multinational companies to universities, colleges to apprenticeship providers, the up-to-date information passed on to learners is invaluable.  This has been further embedded through assemblies and form time activities. 

The message that is coming through loud and clear is that the pace of change in the world of work is rapid.  Jobs and careers that have existed for decades may be lost to automation and new opportunities are being created all the time as technology develops.  It is clear that for the pupils of Manor Croft to be successful in this new age they need to leave with a great set of qualifications and a broad range of skills, which will allow them to adapt to whatever the future has in store.

As part of our whole school careers program we run two dedicated drop-down days plus our careers week throughout the year.  This is supplemented by the one-to-one careers guidance delivered by Careers Inc. and a range of additional visits and activities.  The program is designed to provide all students with the skills, experience and knowledge required to make positive choices as they move onto the next stage of learning or training.  It is clearly having a significant impact, illustrated by the data collected on the destinations of our most recent leavers.  The most striking statistic this year is that for the first time, we have no NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) students.  This is fantastic news and demonstrates the affect outstanding results and quality careers guidance can achieve.  It should also be noted that we have achieved our highest ever proportion of students studying level 3 qualifications, at 66%.  This will undoubtedly lead to our students moving on to a better quality of career or further education.  We plan to grow and develop our careers offer even further with a whole host of new initiatives later this year!