Careers Week 2020

On the 2nd to the 6th of March, Manor Croft Academy took part in National Careers Week. We hosted an exciting week filled with a range of external guests, invited in to speak to each year group. The aim was to give students a wider insight into the careers available to them and key information on what is required for their next steps. We invited guests from colleges and universities such as: Leeds College, Huddersfield University, Askam Bryan, Huddersfield New College, Greenhead and Kirklees. Other providers such as the Army, The Ahead Partnership and a local marketing business also attended.

Students were asking valuable question and developing their knowledge of the next steps and world of work.

As a Delta school we have invested in the package Start Profile this is a fantastic tool to help inspire the students into careers that align with the subjects they have chosen and the things they are interested in. We complete sessions using this in school and it tracks interactions that students have with employers and further education. This fantastic resource can be accessed at home by the students to help support their choices in year 9 when they select their options and year 11 as they apply for courses in further education.

Our Next careers week will be in the summer term when we will be hosting a careers fair along with some hands on workshops for the different sectors our students may choose to go into. Over the year we will also be hosting Careers Cafes where students will have the opportunity to speak to and have mini workshops with different local businesses.