MCA do Countdown

Our weekly numeracy time in form has enabled the students at Manor Croft to practise the quick maths skills required to tackle countdown maths problems. This is when students are given a target number, and achieve it's calculation using randomly generated smaller numbers and their own choice of operations.  We've been most impressed with their attitude to numeracy in form time!  So impressed, that we took it to the next level and students competed in forms against one another in the ultimate countdown challenge.  Team groups of 4 from Year 7 and 8 battled it out in front of their year cohort, in an effort to be named MCA countdown champions.

It was amazing to see the teams taking the challenge with such a mature attitude, especially when some of the calculations were complex to explain!  Ask any maths teacher... an audience of 30 is enough when you are talking through calculations, and some of our pupils explained their maths to an audience of 200.  Students who particularly shone were Hashir and Shahid from 8CS, and Chelsea in 7PP.  Both of these forms went on to win the challenge!  We hope that our countdown competition inspired pupils to challenge themselves next time if they shied away from competition. We look forward to, hopefully, running this again with other DELTA schools in the area.