The Hara Play at Manor Croft

The 10th October was World Mental Health day and to raise awareness our key stage 4 students were treated to an afternoon show by rock band 'The Hara', showcasing original music. The Hara are an up and coming band,  who as part of their performance dedicated some time to discussing mental health.  They spoke openly and honestly to the students, sharing some of their own mental health stories and issues they have faced growing up.

Students responded positively and found the group relateable and informative around current mental health challenges for young people.  Brooke in Year 11 said, "It was a unique experience and they were very knowledgeable."  Lucy-Mae added, "It was successful in spreading awareness of the importance of mental health and they put on an enthusiastic show in the process!"

Assisting with mental health concerns is one of our priorities at Manor Croft Academy and it was a joy to see our students react in such a positive way.  Ayla in Year 10 commented, "It was good in showing the importance of mental health coming from something that can relate more to children than teachers and parents."  Alex added, "The band shows that no matter what your mental illness, you can do whatever you dream."

Eleanor in Year 11 summarised the event simply by saying, "Awareness was raised that it's okay not to feel okay and that everyone is equal."