Oxford Trip

Last week, some of our lucky Year 9 and 10's were given the opportunity to visit Oxford University.  To provide the students with a glimpse of what their futures could be like, we made the three and a half hour journey to the University City.  On arrival the students were treated to lunch in a traditional dining hall on the grounds of Worcester College where we stayed.  The students even had their own dormitories to give them a taste of the true university lifestyle.  Activities during our stay included: a tour of the university’s Natural History museum with a handling session (including live hissing cockroaches!), a treasure hunt around the city, two full hour university style classes, a tour of two colleges where the students board and even a chance to walk the corridor where the 5th Harry Potter was filmed! The students represented the school excellently, with mature and polite behaviour throughout our stay.  We were extremely proud of how they engaged with the activities and are certain we have arrived back at Manor Croft with some future Oxford graduates!