Parental/carer guide to face coverings in school

The following information is a guide to the new academy protocol of the requirement to wear a face covering at school.

When will my child need to wear a face covering at school?

To keep everyone as safe as possible, in line with recent Government guidance and with WHO (World Health Organisation), face coverings will need to be worn at school.

Where exactly will my child need to wear it in school?

Your child will need to wear it when they move through shared indoor areas of the academy where it is difficult to stick to social distancing. This includes corridors and communal areas.

Face coverings are not required to be worn outside or in their classrooms.

What will my child be provided with by Manor Croft Academy?

Three reusable good quality, shaped face coverings so that they can use it more than once, as they will need to take it on and off several times during the school day. The face covering will be secured to your child’s head using ear loops.

A re-sealable plastic bag to keep their face covering in when they’re not using it so that it doesn’t contaminate (or get contaminated by) other surfaces in school.

How should my child use their face covering? 

Watch this [1]video from the World Health Organisation with your child so they know how to wear their face covering safely. We will watch this in class too.

  • A face covering needs to cover their nose and mouth when they’re wearing it
  • Your child should not touch the front of the face covering or the part of the covering that has touched their mouth or nose
  • Before putting the face covering on, your child must clean their hands
  • After removing the face covering, your child must clean their hands
  • The face covering must be stored in an individual, sealable plastic bag between uses
  • If the face covering becomes damp, it should not be worn

If a child uses a single-use face covering, it should be disposed of safely after use (not in a recycling bin). Face coverings cannot be shared.

How often will it need to be washed?

Reusable face coverings will need to be washed at the end of each day, ready for your child to wear the next day

You can wash and dry reusable face coverings with normal laundry – follow the washing instructions for the fabric and use normal detergent

What if my child forgets their face covering?

We will have a small supply of spares available at school.

To be safe in the knowledge that everyone has one, please try to make sure your child has their own so that we can keep our supply of spares for emergencies.