Update from the Principal Including Arrangements for September 2020

Dear Parent/Carer                                                                                                                                     

Can I first of all thank you all for your ongoing patience during this last term, in what have been truly testing times for all of us.  On-line or distance learning is new to us all,  however we have had to at all times follow stringent government guidance to keep our school community safe. 

It has been great to see over the last few weeks all our Year 10 students back in school and more recently our Year 7s, 8s and 9s for their one-to-one sessions with their Form Tutor.

Recent Assessments

It was great to see the fantastic response to the recent assessments.  These have all been marked and feedback will be given out during the one-to-one sessions.  There will also be a feedback presentation that will take you through the assessments question by question for each subject.  These are being sent out by each subject over the next week.  We will also send out via Schoolcomms each student’s test score against the year average in a report.  

We have also developed some summer work packs to keep the students engaged over the holidays week by week.  We will either hand these out during the one-to-one sessions or post them out before the holidays.  The summer work packs do not need sending into school but will need to be brought back in September when we restart.

September 2020

The government has announced that schools will fully reopen from September and welcome all students back to school.  However in order for us to do this safely there are a number of adaptions to school we have had to make which will impact on the ‘normal’ running of the school day.

These include:

  • Year groups will remain in their own ‘bubbles’ and will not be allowed to mix with other year groups in school.
  • Year groups will have their own ‘zones’ within school and the vast majority of their lessons (except for specialist teaching such as PE/food technology) will be taught in their zones. The teachers will come to the students as opposed to the students moving around school.
  • Students will follow a curriculum and lesson structure which is as close as possible to that which they are familiar with. Minor adjustments may need to be made to allow for our new working arrangements.  Any specialist rooms used will have a thorough clean if they are being used by different year groups.
  • There will be staggered start/finish times and year groups will use different entrance/exit points to minimise overlap between different year groups.
  • Students will need to bring their own equipment as we are not in a position to loan equipment out. All students will need a minimum of 2x black pens, pencil, eraser, ruler and pencil case.  The school have purchased a white board for each student which they will be given on their first day, calculators will also be provided for those students who don’t have one.
  • The main hall will be converted into a second dining space to enable year groups to separate at break and lunch time.
  • All students will be expected to wear full school uniform from September including full school PE kit, as the restrictions on wearing different clothes have been lifted.
  • There will be no canteen open before school, students will be asked to arrive on or as near as possible to their start time and go straight to their lessons.
  • If students travel to school by public transport, please ensure they adhere to government guidelines by wearing a face mask. This will need to be removed at the designated points, before entering the school building.  Bins will be provided for disposable masks.   Please ensure your child has a bag to store any reusable mask in while they are in school.  This will ensure they can keep it away from items they are accessing during the school day.   

There has been a considerable amount of work completed by the school so we can open for all students safely in September, therefore I would appreciate it if all parents can support the school to ensure all students are safe, equipped and ready to learn albeit in a different environment than they are used to. 

We will be posting virtual tours for each year group on our website soon to show all students where they enter school and what their zones consist of.  We will inform you when these are ready to view.

The government has recommended that all schools adjust their start and finish times temporarily in the first instance to reduce potential overlap between year groups, therefore the start and finish times for each year group are:

Year 11                 8.15 a.m. – 2.40 p.m.

Year 10                 8.20 a.m. – 2.20 p.m.

Year 9                    8.25 a.m. – 2.25 p.m.

Year 8                    8.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.

Year 7                    8.35 a.m. – 2.35 p.m.

These times will be reviewed regularly and adjusted if needed.  We will consult with parents/carers if there are any changes moving forward.

Actions required if cases are confirmed in school

In the event of a positive case of Covid 19 in our school community, we have an action plan in place that follows Public Health England guidelines.  If this happens, we may be asked to send some students home to isolate.  With this in mind I am sending out a survey to ascertain the technology available in people’s homes, as students will need to remotely access all lessons throughout the full school day from September. 

Can parents please inform school at the earliest opportunity if they are aware of any confirmed cases in their household.  This will enable us to take all the necessary steps to protect our school community.  

Please can you also continue to ensure that students do not come into the school if they have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, have tested positive in the last 7 days or if anyone in their household shows symptoms.     Please contact us in the usual way to advise us of any non-attendance via the Schoolcomms app or by telephoning the school on 01924 325230.

Arrangements for the first day, Tuesday 8th September 2020

In order for us to discuss in detail with each year group the risk assessment and strategies we have to keep everyone safe we need to stagger the start of the first day.  The schedule for Tuesday 8th September only is as follows:

Year 11                 Tuesday 8th September 8.15 a.m. start

Year 7                    Tuesday 8th September 8.35 a.m. start

Year 10                 Tuesday 8th September 10.00 a.m. start

Year 9                    Tuesday 8th September 10.30 a.m. start

Year 8                    Tuesday 8th September 11.00 a.m. start

We are all looking forward to getting back to as close to ‘normal’ as we can be in September and doing what we do best, face to face teaching.  The school will be closed over the summer holidays however if you have any queries regarding the arrangements please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Yours faithfully

Mr D Hewitt, Principal