World Book Day & Accelerated Reader Celebrations

Thursday the 5th March was World Book Day and a day of celebration assemblies for Years 7 through to 9. Our Accelerated Reader Programme is now in full swing and students are increasing their reading age right across the board. In Year 7, we had 49 students who improved their reading age from between 6 months to 11 months. Even better than that, we had 59 students who improved their reading age from between 1 year to 4 years! Absolutely phenomenal reading from our Year 7’s, we couldn’t be prouder.

In Year 8 we had similar success. 32 students improved their reading from between 6 to 11 months and a whopping 46 Year 8’s, who improved their reading age from between 1 year and 7 ½  years! We couldn’t be prouder, well done to everyone who improved this term.

To celebrate World Book Day we challenged students to write a 500 word short story. The story had to have an extra twist though. Students were challenged to use a classic opening line from some of our most famous authors. The quality of the stories that were entered were absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately though, there could only be a few winners. In Year 7; Amelia Kaye won 1st prize, Kacie Maciver won 2nd and a Ella Thompson came a very close 3rd place. In Year 8; Sumaiyah Ahmed won 1st prize and Sobiya Patel won 2nd prize. In Year 9, Kodie-Alice Britton won 1st prize for a truly creepy and memorable story. All those involved won prizes of chocolate and book tokens. Very well done to all those involved.