Year 10 Intended Destinations Survey for Post 16 Options 2021

In June every year, Year 10 students are surveyed to establish what their plans are for Post 16 Education after they have completed Year 11 and their GCSE exams.  Traditionally students are very prepared for what to do next and only have a few specific questions about how to make their application, entry criteria for their course or Apprenticeship or what funding may be available to them and their family. However given the current situation, we are very aware that some students may need more guidance now.

You are asked to complete the online survey with the link on the email sent to your student account and ensure this is submitted before 02/06/2020.

You should not worry if you do not know your exact plan, please let us know what you would really like to do or what you are most likely intending to do.  If there is anything you really don’t know about, please just answer “I don’t know”.

The answers to these questions will then inform the academy on how we can arrange our support and guidance programme to ensure you have access to people and information to help you make an informed decision for your plans after Year 11.  I know this may sound a long way away, but most applications for colleges, Sixth Form and Apprenticeships will start in September and most students have been interviewed and had their offers through before Christmas, although applications can be made throughout the academic year.

Careers Advice & Guidance

The week commencing Monday 8th June, our Careers service will be dedicated to supporting Year 10 get ready for making applications, looking at various courses and anything else they need for the next steps Information & Guidance.

Our qualified advisers can offer information and guidance on a number of topics including:

  • Options after Year 11:

Help you to research/ apply for a place in a 6th form, college, Apprenticeship or training.

Give you information on qualifications such as BTECs, A Levels and NVQs to assist you in making decisions about your future.

  • Higher Education:

We can respond to any queries about universities, degree subjects and applying for a place in Higher Education.

  • Careers Guidance:

Help you to identify a career which matches your skills, abilities and interests and help you to understand routes into all occupations. It is never too early to start thinking about your career choices.

  • The local and national labour market:

Guide you on which occupations are in high demand now and are set to expand in the future.

  • Advice on finding employment or training:

Help you with CV writing, finding and researching vacancies, completing application forms and interview skills.

The services you have available to you are as follows:

  1. Remote student and parent/carer support
    • Virtual student support, although the emphasis will be on Year 10 in June, any student is welcome to contact us, to ensure that they can continue to make appropriate career decisions and relevant applications.
    • Support and information for parents/carers with an opportunity to talk to an adviser about general enquiries so that they can support their child in a more informed manner. Requests for this service can be made via your Delta email or here
  1. Online
    • In the first instance, students should go to the careers section of their academy website to access information. This can be found
    • Secondly, they can access information on the CareersInc Portal, which can also be found in the careers section of the website or students can access this directly here:
    • Students should only contact Careers Advisers through their DELTA email and not a personal email address.
    • Finally, students can also access information from StartProfile here

A CareersInc adviser will reply to any enquiries within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).

With so much online advice available to you and your parents/carers and given the unprecedented times we are in; we would still recommend that you take the time to talk this information though with myself or another CareersInc Adviser. We will be working with your academy to keep you up to date on changes to local and national policy and the potential impact this could have on your career plans.

Many thanks

Mrs J Laverick, Assistant Principal, Head of Careers.