Year 7 Memorable Experience to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

One cold and wet Tuesday morning in November 210 students boarded the coaches to travel down the road to the wonderful Sculpture Park.  As we drove on the bus, not knowing if the weather would hold out, handing out pencils and booklets there was a buzz of excitement for a day out of school. This was the first ‘Memorable Experience’ organised for the year nobody knew what to expect.

About 800 sculptures are dotted throughout the woodland and around various lakes with several marked walks.  It’s an eclectic mix: there is mythical and wacky alongside super-serious pieces – something for everyone.  There were plenty of colourful fun things to keep the students amused.

During the day we looked at different sculptures by famous artists some abstract and some figurative all while trying our best not to slip or get stuck in the mud.

The students that left the sculpture park had grown from the morning.  Throughout the day as we walked looking at sculptures discussing art and pretty much anything, but most importantly “when can we stop for lunch” they developed knowledge, resilience and learnt how fun the outdoors can be. Despite the Mud and rain the students gained a great deal from the experience and memories that will stay with them during their time at MCA.