Year 7 WW1 Enrichment project for Remembrance Day

Over the last week our year 7 students have spent their English lessons learning and sharing information on WW1 to help them produce a museum style exhibit as a tribute to those we remember on Remembrance Day.

This project runs alongside the novel they are currently studying; Private Peaceful. The story features war and conflict heavily, mostly told through the eyes of a teenage soldier, so the project has allowed students to empathise with the characters more deeply.

A huge thank you to Tolson Museum in Huddersfield, who kindly loaned us their ‘WW1 Museum in a Box’ which the students were able to explore last week. This allowed us to bring the history into school and give them the opportunity to look at and handle actual WW1 artefacts.

As well as the activities happening in English, students have also benefited from their History lessons, where they have built further factual knowledge about the war itself. The students have then worked hard to produce poems, posters, fact files and much more, to demonstrate their understanding and respect of the topic.

Today the work was displayed in the hall to commemorate November 11th and year 7 students were able to celebrate their achievements. As we’re sure you agree, the students have produced some fantastic work and they have shown maturity and enthusiasm throughout the week. Well done year 7!