Year 8 Enrichment Week

This week has been a fantastic opportunity for our year 8 students as they have been taking part in an enrichment project organised by the English department.

The focus of this week has been helping those less fortunate than ourselves and learning about food banks and homelessness in the local community. We wanted to give the students an opportunity to engage with their local context and encourage them to consider and support people in need, especially at this time of year.

We were incredibly lucky to be visited by Nikki from the Dewsbury food bank and housing support charity, Fusion, who delivered an assembly to our year 8 students. The academy has already been working closely with Fusion as we are collecting donations for the food bank as part of a Christmas campaign. Following the assembly, there has been an influx of donations from the year 8 students which we are incredibly proud of.

The students have also had some valuable experiences in lessons where they have been creating diary entries from the point of view of people living without homes. This task was made even more immersive as students completed their writing under tables, leaning against walls, laying in sleeping bags and using cardboard and newspapers to encourage them to empathise with people really living in that situation.

Next week the year 8s will be writing newspaper articles to document this enriching experience and 10 of our students have been given the brilliant opportunity to visit the local food bank and create their own food packs.

It has been wonderful to see the students engaging with this project as they have displayed maturity and generosity throughout.