Transition FAQ's

Year 6 to 7 Transition FAQs


  • How will my child know where to go on the first day?

All students will enter the Academy using the student entrance at Canterbury Road. Plenty of staff will be on hand to meet your child at the student entrance and direct them to the appropriate place. 

  • Will they need PE kit on the first day?

No, the first PE lesson will not involve changing into kit.

  • Will students be given a locker?

There are no lockers, students will keep all belongings in their bags.

  • What do they do about getting lunch?

Students can get food from our canteen or bring a packed lunch. We use a cashless system using their thumb print which is linked to their account which you will need to top up in advance. The first week until this is set up you will need to bring cash.

  • What if my child forgets something?

Teachers will be understanding in the early weeks of the term.  If they need something important, Mrs Selves can contact home for it to be sent in.

  • Where can I get the uniform and what are the expectations?

Your child is expected to wear the new school uniform. This should have been ordered via school. A full list of correct uniform in on our transition webpage.

  • My child is due to start your school in September. I was wondering how we order extra uniform? I know they get the first one free but will my child need more?

Once you have received your free uniform, check it fits, and then order some additional uniform.  To do this you would need to order directly through our supplier SPT uniforms - please click here to get to our uniform information page, and here to go straight to the SPT website. 

  • How much homework will my child get?

It may vary a little, but a couple of pieces of homework a night on average. This is timetabled through the use of a knowledge organiser.

  • What are the rules on mobile phones?

Students are not allowed to have mobile phones or technology in school. If it is seen or heard by a member of staff, it will be confiscated. We request an appropriate adult to collect it. They can go to the their Learning Manager's office should they need to contact home.

  • What if my child is ill before school / during the school day?

If your child is ill before school, you may decide not to send them.  You can ring the main school number to report a student absence.  If they become ill during the school day, they will be sent to First Aid. They will then be assessed, and you will be contacted if it is necessary.

  • What is the school planner and how will my child use it?

The planner is a communication tool between home and school.  Your child is expected to write any homework that they have in the planner.  If you wish to update us about any absence or other information, you can use the planner to write in a note.

  • What can my child do if they are upset or having friendship issues?

They can talk to any member of staff, their form tutor, or go to their Learning Manager Mrs Selves.

  • Where can my child find out about extra-curricular clubs?

An extra-curricular timetable will be displayed in your form room and around school.

  • Where can I find the schools key dates and information?

The website is regularly updated with key information.

  • What if my child loses something at school?

Please ensure all clothing and equipment is clearly named. Lost property goes to the main reception office where students can go to claim items.

  • What happens if my child loses their tie?

Your child can purchase a tie from reception.

  • What happens if my child wears trainers?

Black school shoes must be worn, trainers of any sort are not permitted. Students will be issued with a pair of shoes if we have their size and a phone call home made.

If you have any other questions that have not been answered so far please contact us on: