Which Tutor Group will I be in?

We have students from 27 different primary schools starting Manor Croft in September 2020. Year 7 will be made up of 7 forms and will be made up of students from different schools.

The diagram represents a tutor group of thirty students. Each colour represents a different primary school.  We have been working remotely with Year 6 teachers so they can share the wealth of knowledge and experience of the children with us, so that we can build upon this when they start with us in September.  We have tried our best with the information we have been given to put you in a form with a friend or someone from your primary school.

When will I know who my Form Tutor will be?

You should have by now received a postcard from your form tutor.  You will see the name of your tutor group below.

Year 7 Form tutors

Miss Sheard - 7ASMr Allerton - 7JAMr Bellamy - 7JB

Miss Sloan - 7KSMr Green - 7MGMiss Norman - 7SN

Mr Levers - 7ZL